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Beginning in May 2024, The Yellow Cover will be a subscription-based publication. You can choose from two cover options, and every issue will be available in digital print and audio from our sister company, YC-2.3 Studios. Furthermore, the Journey with Us has improved, and we are growing.


The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc. managed to establish itself during a global lockdown and has not stopped. It has become a creative storytelling outlet for entrepreneurs and brands. Our clean, modern approach style is conducive to our convictions and how we see our neighbors as ourselves. We have impacted brands and entrepreneurs from Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Dallas, New York, Washington DC, California, Portland, Utah, and Seattle, featuring editorial stories from Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Botswana, Brazil, Paris & Dominican.


Our goal is to be the lifter of clients and a trusted platform to represent brands intelligently. We work with all business types and commit to kindness and cleanliness using our Scandinavian (Minimalist) Design Style.


Our founder is a Senior Interior Designer and a seasoned mid-market business development coach who can sing you sweetly into heaven. The team must follow suit, the singing not so much; the brand depends on its reputation for spreading kindness, thought-provoking nature, and robust taste in our deliverables.

Her passion for Scandinavian design is tied to her father, a self-taught custom suit tailor from Stockholm, Sweden. The challenge for our magazine is a combination of reasonings, one being introduced during a world pandemic and the other standing out and reaching a global audience.


Stories don't just jump on the pages — brands are not just magically appearing in The Yellow Cover Magazine; it is a vast number of hours of work and detail to get the presentation done to her liking and, ultimately, the approval of everyone on the team.


We are a creative book-style storytelling magazine. "Hear your favorite content come to life with unbelievable clarity."


But we can't do it fast; it's a long process, and our objective audio presentation must mirror our prints, and we continue to define the message and advertising as a fun and honest development with a focus on working directly with business owners from all across the world.


As we continue to define the future of 'storytelling, we commit to remaining in lockstep with a primary objective rather than a magazine that's all over the place. It's not just a picture for us; it's the brand's vision and the hard work, long days, and sleepless nights. Storytelling, by definition, is the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. In collaboration with our sister company, we are introducing the world to audio storytelling, and it will be a remarkable addition to our business flow and the future of our brand.

#Stay with us...

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