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Sky Building

Our Process

The Yellow Cover Magazine dynamic process experience includes powerful yet memorable design ideas followed by a proper flow of topics to balance the photography and thus become exclusive. The flow would reveal something similar to a timeless novel story that would bring attention to the meaningful offerings of the brand or story inclusions. 

Our list of services are as followed, design, storytelling, layout performance, photography, expanded printing and ebook publishing management, and finally, advanced marketing and promotions. Magazine, catalog, and book designs are at a minimum of 50 pages and a maximum of one hundred. Magazine printing is at a minimum of 100 copies, and all design and print cost varies. Receive a complete detailed project analysis by scheduling a meeting. 


  •  Client Consultation — View design information and personalized messaging and needs for a clear path forward.

  • Concept theory— View writings and submissions, planning, strategy, and acceptance.

  • Fee negotiations— Service information, including specific timelines and payment options.

  • Design strategy— View client needs and issue recommendations, including layout inclusions & project management.

  • Story writing & editing— Identify voice and client synopsis and all corresponding elements. 

  • Target approach meeting— View YC layout and ideas, vision, opportunity and results. 

  • Presentation— Final proofing and add-on displays that include print, digital and advanced marketing.