Our first issue launch is here, and we are so ecstatic. Much love went into this launch, and we are thrilled to work with brands locally and abroad; a special thanks to @mommacuisine and all our brand participants.


The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc continuously thinks about new and exciting ways to introduce businesses and products to consumers, combat the current climate, and make our consumers aware of neighborhood companies. 


The Yellow Cover is also proud to announce the partnership with our friend and businesswoman Johanna  Marie @Mommacuisine is, a leading cooking show host, TV Contributor & the author of her number-one-selling cookbook: Simple Salad. Since the excitement is out, we will feature several of her recipes in the launch issue, and we are excited over the moon.



Christmas Dinner 2020 Premiere Issue

  • The ultimate season deserves a regal, refined, and classic holiday issue. This issue features some top celebrity chefs, wines & spirits, and so much more.


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