Grub founder Philip Jones is no stranger to the Hapeville neighborhood. A Chicago native and now 13 year Atlanta transplant, he saw the need for additional healthy food options in the city of Hapeville, outside of his already established success as a Smoothie King Owner/Franchisee of 4

locations, including the area directly adjacent to Grub Fresh Bowls and Wraps.


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Super Fuel and Xtract 12® was created as a source of nutrients for the body after teaming up with a prominent team of doctors and scientists whose mission in life is patients' health and wellness.


The task involved commitment and daily dedication to working with the best curators and doctors' opinions to deliver a fresh and compelling take on a supplemental energy product. A blast of natural energy was a slogan developed in real-time after customers' positive feedback and the distribution of its results.The positive news showcased the hard work and engaging process and the differentiated brand expression that is not typical in its category.

Healthy Living Drinking & Eating 2021 Issue

  • A healthy lifestyle is our 2021 opening issue, and it includes some famous namesakes, which gives our fun patina a new take on excellent!


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