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About us

In an increasingly crowded space, not all magazines are created equal. The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc is renowned for delivering highly effective editorial and branding of local businesses in many different cities where our clients and our readers live. Our design advice empowers brands to express themselves confidently with marketing additives that compel attention and live in the moment. We speak of the excitement of a brand announcement with visually stimulating and entertaining results.

Our forward mission is to become the go-to medium for readers globally looking for a phenomenal local business experience or knowledge of what's new. Our magazine tells the stories of what's local to your area and fresh in food, design, spirits, beauty, fashion, hospitality, technology, & entertainment.


Our corporate offices in Alpharetta, Georgia, have a global reach in digital and print. If you think of an advertising company that targets your business and puts you in the best creative light, The Yellow Cover Magazine has you covered. No pun intended' We work with brands in other cities like Chicago, Tennessee, Mississippi, Tampa, South & North Carolina, Dallas, New York, Washington DC, California, Portland, Michigan, Utah & Seattle. 


We confidently provide  creativity from a leading team of passionate storytellers. Our vision will shape the retail environment today and in the future, including innovative topics, placement, targeted branding design additives, and a spectrum of connected links.


We are better known as a kind company with a passion for people and the brand book of local editorial advertisements.


The Yellow Cover Magazine Team

  •  Managing Editor: Darren Jay    

  • Creative:  Jimmy Colette, Nathasa Rae

  • Senior Counsel:  Traron White

  • Senior Style Editors:  Joy Jones, Jalynn Jones 

  • House Photographers:  Joshua Smith

Editorial Standards 

The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc upholds the highest standard of ethics and professionalism.


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