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Why We Exist

We exist to tell brand stories with simplicity, memorable creativity, and kindness. We allow even the smallest business to gain from our advanced design layout marketing approach. Our publication is free of vulgar language, gossip, and brand demeaning.


Consulting with multiple ideas and talks, interviews, and information gathering works closely with The Yellow Cover's leaders' mission, and you best believe the outcome is far more than the brand owner expects. We're not just designing magazines. We are building lifelong bonds.


Page layout design ensures that our entrepreneur's brand looks fantastic, makes sense, and is read somewhat like an introductory novel that segways into a complete audio storytelling dynamic. Getting a minimum of two whole pages digitally and in print. See the Media Information below.


The Yellow Cover Magazine is quarterly, with a few notable releases published annually. Our digital readership actual clicks and surveys are 433K based on a four-year score. Circulation includes digital and print editions.

Focused Marketing

Nothing is more significant to us than your brand, and The Yellow Cover reaches an audience, directly and indirectly, using social platforms and internal partnership relationships. We use a center-focused marketing approach that helps us learn what works and what does not. We focus on working now with office buildings, retail businesses, coffee shops, bookstores, apartment building communities, grocery stores, home builders, and realtors to showcase and spread the word about brands. More than 60% of the magazine's viewing comes from our direct, center-focused, communicative marketing style.


Our valued cost includes focused marketing to enhance brand stories and consists of the power of print deliverables worldwide. See our rate card below.

Audio Stories 

This deliverable is an excellent spoken informational tool to improve business. Our thoughtful skills and voice narrators are writers, singers, precise readers, and the best in class for eloquently speaking volumes to your brand in promo. Our bottom line depends on brand participation using our newly developed subscription-based format. Stay tuned for our late July 2024 launch!


Moreover, The Yellow Cover's strength is connecting people. Today, our Magazine is the kindest book-style print publication worldwide. It unlocks the steadfast efforts of our thoughtful work.​​​​

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