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Why We Exist

 (The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc™ ) We exist to be the world's kindest storytelling platform and are honored as the best in entrepreneurial, creative layout marketing with extensive experience in business development. Our publication is free of vulgar language, gossip, and brand demeaning.


Our innovative magazine offerings include digital, print, and audio storytelling with a Scandinavian Warmth Design-Style aesthetic. Our magazine produces four yearly issues in spring, summer, winter, and holiday. We connect the world to entrepreneurs' stories, and our competent team of experts pays close attention to minimalism, thoughtfulness, accuracy, beauty, and overall brand purpose. In our observation, we have found what our readers like and improved our deliverables.

Business is Theatre, and we connect with our brands with an emotional combination of writing and layout brand work that offers thought-provoking reactions.

Our design layout and story language advice empower brands to express themselves confidently within our magazine with marketing additives that bring in dollars.

We are the Future Of Storytelling Brand Building, and you've never seen anything like the quality of our flow. Our book-style print magazines, with the ultimate uniqueness and care in the making, are raved as the finest work seen on paper.


Our team will proudly serve clients with incredibly spoken informational marketing assistance that will mirror print applications. Our thoughtful skills and voice narrators are writers, singers, precise readers, and the best in class for eloquently speaking volumes to your brand. Our team believes in the power of great thinking and ideas, and our passion permeates from our voices, offering memorable spoken words, impactful simplicity, and kindness.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk to you.

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