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 Hello, we're Yellow Cover

We are honored as the best in entrepreneurial storytelling marketing with extensive experience in business development. The Yellow Cover Magazine is free of vulgar language, gossip, and brand demeaning. Our goal is to be the lifter of clients and a trusted platform to represent brands intelligently. We work with all business types and commit to kindness, cleanliness using our Scandinavian (Minimalism) Design Style Aesthetic.


(The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc™ ) Our innovative brand storytelling advertising includes Digital, Print & Audio storytelling with a Scandinavian Design-Style aesthetic. Our magazine produces four yearly issues in spring, summer, fall, and winter. We connect the world to entrepreneurs' stories, and our competent team of experts pays close attention to minimalism, thoughtfulness, accuracy, beauty, and overall brand. We are sponsored-supported and don't charge a traditional advertising fee. In The Yellow Cover, our entrepreneurs get the whole page, not half, and In most cases, more, paying only a one-time design fee for a lifetime digital + audio feature.

Our mission is business boosting, and our intelligent, thoughtful team of designers and storytellers are the kindest to work with.
Now in its third year, the company is a problem-solving agent for businesses and the Future Of Storytelling Photojournalism Advertising. You've never seen anything like the quality of our flow, and our print magazines, with the ultimate uniqueness and care in the making, are raved as the finest work seen on paper.

Clients receive their own stories or narratives, shared for entertainment, education, cultural preservation, advertising, or exposure. Our team appreciates every opportunity to work with you.

In 2022 we introduced a new way to expand our talents and seek businesses that align with our essential kicker and headline and will only work with some brands based on our new focused-driven topic. Opening up this focus-driven multi-note topic helped us grab a broader brand's attention, thus creating a cohesive storytelling style. Our team paused as we became unsatisfied with our multi-work deliverables and layout, and now our magazine cohesion and purpose have come to life, and we are pleased. We exist to tell the beautiful side of your story with grace, cleanliness, kindness, and moving yet unforgettable.

In an increasingly crowded space, not all print magazines are created equal. Based in Alpharetta, Ga, The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc is renowned for delivering highly effective distribution in many cities where our clients and readers live. Our design advice empowers brands to express themselves confidently with marketing additives that compel attention and live in the moment. We speak of the excitement of a brand announcement as visually stimulating and celebrity-driven motivational people-related covers. 

We Have worked with brands and entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Chicago, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Dallas, Mississippi, New York, Washington DC, California, Portland, Utah, and Seattle, featuring editorial stories from Sweden, Botswana, Brazil, Paris & Dominican Republic. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are still waiting to see your city or country; we would love to talk to you.

See our media kit and current issue invitation below.

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