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Hello, we're Yellow Cover

The Yellow Cover Magazine is an entrepreneurial, brand-focused magazine marketing company offering customized storytelling in digital and book-style print and the number one magazine in the world for kindness. Our company business model is built around our cover story and works around digital and audio platforms as a threefold opportunity for our brand participants.

Based in Alpharetta, GA, our storytelling brand-building expertise has grown from a magazine working with local brands to a global magazine and performance. Our YELLOW patina and brand name have meaning, and we wanted a bold and bright spine that would hold up, stand out, and match the personality of our happy sunshine hearts as we endeavored to highlight brands and their mission during the precarious times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our owners are great thinkers together, and their passion for Scandinavian design comes from their father, a self-taught custom suit tailor from Stockholm, Sweden. The team includes fantastic editors, client advisors, creative directors, marketing directors, photographers, layout advisors, public relations experts, interior designers, style editors, voice narrators, innovative illustrative layouts, and graphic designers.

Brands currently seen in The Yellow Cover are from Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Dallas, New York, Washington DC, California, Portland, Utah, and Seattle, featuring editorial stories from Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Botswana, Brazil, Paris, and the Dominican.

As we define the future of 'storytelling brand marketing, we commit to remaining in lockstep with a primary objective rather than a magazine that's all over the place. It's not just a picture for us; it's the brand's vision and the hard work, long days, and sleepless nights.

But we don't do it fast, and it is a process that requires severe involvement, significant topics, and objective detail that follows specific design, layout, and writing customization, and the emotional ideal purpose idea must add value and get the overall approval of our magazine's editor-in-chief.


Brand Storytelling is what we believe in and is the social and cultural activity of sharing a unique experience that creates unparalleled celebration and pride in ownership.


Please email us with any questions. I'm Jay, and I'm part of our leadership team. I would love to meet you to answer anything you need to know about getting your brand story read by hundreds of thousands digitally and landing in our book-style print as a collector's item keepsake.

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