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We are an American—Magazine, Catalog + Book Design Signature Issues & Digital Print Publishing Company.

We are a group of designers, interior architects, creative writers, award-winning graphic designers, photographers, and mid-market sales executives who set out on a mission to combine the offerings of the retail community. By telling stories of their brands, and now have a far reach to personalize with intelligent suggestive advice and print and digital deliverables.

While The Yellow Cover opened its platform for itself, the magazine continued to evolve to a higher call of brand and lifestyle expression and has transitioned into a full-service creative, publishing, marketing, and print consultancy firm. This fully directional capability will allow for our clients to not only become the face but the entire message overall. Direct-to-merchant will advance a more conglomerate audience; in addition, The YC has worked toward becoming one of the most prominent advanced thinkers in its category, and a combination of over 25 years is honing in on our craft.

To design a great magazine or book is to be a great storyteller; in the process, you'll throw away many lines. The Yellow Cover team of designers, writers, and editors is here to help so you can advance to the next level of tangible display for your customers to admire. Our firm's mission and consultancy strategy are to discover a current and responsive audience's application that aligns with our targeted genres? 

We design for the following popular types.:

Magazine. Art, Architecture, Automotive, Beauty, Education, Fashion, Food, Film, Finance, Garden, Hospitality, Interior Design, Lifestyle/Memoir, Medical, Music, Nutrition, Real estate, and Retail.

Books. Biography, Food, Cookbooks, Memoir, Religion, Children, Business, Film, Finance, Romance, Science, Music, Nutrition, and Retail.

Catalogs. Furniture, lighting, clothing, shoes, electronics, payment equipment, handbags, socks, beauty products, fabrics, and crafts.



Learn the roles of our executive thought leadership team here »

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We'd love to hear more about your company or memoir design idea, and our kind staff is ready to answer your questions.