The concept of this issue had to be stronger than ever, and our inspiration comes from a woman Renowned for delivering a highly effective inspirational sound and a voice that transcended you into a happy place. The fabulous Nancy Wilson was that person. We will take you back to the year 1961, an era when classic elegance & grace were shifting for what we now call timeless.


An unforgettable bridal experience of hand-made luxury offerings and a full range of couture inspired gowns are offerings to the soon-to-be bride. After 30 years in the bridal Industry, White Swan Bridal is at the pinnacle of excellence, and the grand customizations will leave you breathless. They offer traditional and classic timeless looks inspired by the owner's high level of vision and taste.


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1961 Inspired Wedding Gown Romance Digital Issue

  • "Love called me, and I answered to my best friend, my confidant, and the joy of my life. I am so blessed, and when we become one, I know I will be forever with the man of my dreams".

    Chancey Timmons-  Issue Cover Model

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