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On The Cover are Yaj & Anai, our signature warrior women, and our commissioned spring art collection by our partnering artist Nathasa Rae.


Learn more about participating brands in a life replication of spring in yellow on-set photoshoots at The Hilton Alpharetta Atlanta. Special thanks to the fashion designer Carmella Mathews, the brains behind our cover fashions.


Every representative in this issue has its own stories or narratives, shared for entertainment, education, Self Gain, preservation, and instilling a smile. The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc™ exists to tell the beautiful side of your story with creativity and kindness.


Enjoy This Issue At Home. Order Your Copy Today.


Spring 2022

  • Please allow up to 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase to receive.



  • Like every magazine company that relies on a steady paper supply, we feel the crunch of a worldwide paper shortage. All dates displayed on our website are estimated and subject to change.

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