Meet our cover girls in a life replication of spring on-set photoshoots at The Hilton Alpharetta Atlanta. Nathasa Rae is a force to be reckoned with and a now partnering artist for a current spring warriors collection of quarterly commissions. Get The Inside Scoop on local teeth whitening and eyebrow shaping. Learn more about the fashion designer Carmella Mathews who was the brains behind our cover fashions..


Meet Khadidra Muhammad, celebrity event planner, and some heartwarming and moving stories, and travel to West Elm Avalon to see and purchase Nathasa's art on display. It's Key Time with Keyatta Johnson, and The Peters Team will floor you with their home-selling conglomerate. Also, get into the spirit of spring with Sam's and see how InDesign changes life one kitchen and bath at a time. Explore the yellow decorative items seen throughout this issue and the cascade of food available for dine-in or take-out orders. Many more take on stories of business owners in this issue that will become an archived memory for the record book.

Yellow Cover- Spring 2022

  • Get the May Issue Print Magazine and explore our favorite yellow things and a perspective on the commitments we have to showcasing local companies. Explore our commissioned spring art collection by our partnering artist Nathasa Rae.


    Now on sale at The West Elm Avalon in Alpharetta, Ga. Plus much more!