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On The cover is Beegan Jane, an HGTV Host; she is lovely, and the cover point of ideas for our shots was to capture the 'Awe of her beauty to fit our breathtaking storytelling reasonings for this issue. Quiet in some ways, mysterious yet invoking, yet poetic. Katee Grace of West Hollywood, CA, beautifully captured her; Dill Lopez did the makeup, and the jewelry was from Nick Alberg of Honey Jewelry. 


Further, we will expound on how Breegan teaches her boys the art of togetherness in contrast to an essential focus on how bees work together. "It's a chore," but she makes it fun and a teachable time.


Every representative in this issue has its own stories or narratives, shared for entertainment, education, Self Gain, preservation, and instilling a smile. The Yellow Cover Magazine Inc™ exists to tell the beautiful side of your story with creativity and kindness.


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Spring 2023

  • Please allow up to 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase to receive.

  • Like every magazine company that relies on a steady paper supply, we feel the crunch of a worldwide paper shortage, and we will get your delivery to you expeditiously.

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